At the TCC Practices:(dated 04/02/2022)

We strongly recommend the following  to members who are going to be singing with the choir again.

  • Members should take a lateral flow test with a negative result (not infected with Covid) within 24 hours before attending the choir.

  • Members should not come to the choir if they feel unwell, even if a lateral flow test is negative

  • Members should wear a mask when in the building, except for the actual singing. particularly when moving around. 

  • Hand sanitiser will be available on entry; members are encouraged to use this.

  • Seats will be spaced apart as much as numbers present and available space allows. Members should maintain "social distancing" as much as possible whilst in Christ Church.

Previous guidance

At the TCC Practices:(dated 18/10/2021)

  • It is assumed that TC members are very largely fully vaccinated. If you are not, please consider carefully the risks to yourself or others of attending practices before you do so, at the present time.

  • TCC Members should not attend practices if they feel unwell, whether or not a Covid test has been done.

  • TCC Members should leave the practice immediately if you feel unwell during the time that you are there.

  • If you are unwell and/or receive a positive Covid-19 test result after attending any practice, immediately let the Secretary or other committee member know.

  • Entering or leaving Christ Church, please use the hand-sanitiser provided.

  • The kitchen(s) are not to be used.

  • If needed use only the toilet in the entrance area.

  • Bring the exact amount for your personal subscription to avoid change having to be given.

  • Do not bring friends or guests to a practice without first informing the Secretary.

  • Bring with you and use personal copies of music; do not share music/words with anyone else.

  • Bring your own water (if you want to) and do not share drink or food with anyone else.

  • We are asked by Christ Church to wear masks within the building whenever possible. Please do this. Wearing a mask for singing is optional and a personal choice; doing so is considered acceptable by the MD. Respect other people’s choices in this. If you sing without a mask, please remember to replace it when moving from your chair. If you are medically exempt from wearing a mask, please let a committee member know and think carefully about any increased risk to yourself of others.

  • Minimise face to face conversations inside the building.

  • Whilst within Christ Church please do not gather in large or small groups and talk.